A Runner Just Like You

Think back to some of the runs or races you have done over the time you have been running, however long that is. Consider the people you have met while running and try not to be amazed at the diversity of individuals you have come across. The mind boggles, right?

There really is no more level a playing field than the one running provides.

We literally run with people from ALL walks of life and even amongst the elite runners, the backgrounds are widely varied.

This is perhaps one of the things I love most about running and I’m inspired everyday by the people I get to work with through Brewsters Running.

To give you a snapshot of what I’m talking about, here is a sample of the people I’m working with at the moment to help them improve their running.

A book keeper, a brewery owner, a builder, a banker, a bed and breakfast owner, a council worker, a cardiac technician, a nurse, an anesthetist, an events manager, a stay at home mum, a personal trainer, a sales coach, a public speaker, a business coach, a general manager, a web designer, a child care worker, a high school teacher, a IT specialist and a triathlon coach, just to name a few. There is female dairy farmer in her 30’s who only took up running a few years ago and is now half way through a 10,000km one woman self supported odyssey from one side of Australia to the other. There is the woman who at age 8 had a stroke then developed diabetes and never ran since, then in her early 40’s and within the space of 11 months trained for and completed a Marathon. There is the mum that once lived a not so healthy lifestyle, but now owns an online business that promotes health and gets people off the couch and taking control of their own lives. There are the two brothers, who have a passion for running trails and pushing their boundaries. Their generous natures and inclusive attitudes bring everyone they come in contact with into the “running family” and make them feel at home.

Yes, I’m addicted to running. But even more, I’m addicted to the people that love running too. 

It is hard to describe the rich tapestry that is the running community. I can honestly say that my life is much richer because of my involvement in it. Every person that I come in contact with has their own unique and intriguing story.

Another interesting point about the people we meet through running is their outlook on life… I challenge you to choose 5 people you know through your work or some other non-running arena; then choose 5 people you know through running. What is the average personality from each of those two groups of ten? For me, the average personality type from the runner group is easy going yet determined, friendly and warm, positive and generous. The average from the other group… not so much.

They say that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. If this holds true and we are hanging out with other runners, then we should be pretty happy with ourselves I reckon.


Run long,

Shaun Brewster.


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  1. Scott Enfield
    4 years ago

    Our running group was only talking about this last Sunday. Running does not discern, nationality or how much money you make, we run together because we love it. We also find friends that we share interment details with because our other lives don\’t always cross paths. We listen and share the ups and downs of running as we do in the rest of our lives. Great post.

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