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Shaun (white t-shirt, far left), Chris (green t-shirt, middle), Chris Wight (yellow singlet, far right) and friends on Shauns 375km run for charity in 2008


About The Brewster’s Running Team

     Shaun Brewster and Chris O’Driscoll met over 10 years ago through their common passion for running. Since that time they have competed against, ran alongside or supported each other through an impressive list of running events ranging from short fun runs to 100km trail races and even an epic 5 day Ultra-Marathon where Shaun ran about 375kms and raised over $20,000 for Cancer research.

It hasn’t been all ‘sunshine and lollypops’ though, as they have both managed to sustain just about every running injury known to man. The upside to this story is that they have managed to overcome them through years of research and experimentation and they are still out there loving the running more than ever before.

Shaun is a Sports Musculoskeletal Therapist and an Exercise Physiologist and he brings this knowledge to Brewster’s Running to share with you. Chris has a keen interest in nutrition and other areas of performance enhancement which adds a well rounded source of information on offer at Brewsters running.com

The truth is, these guys are just like you. They have lives and jobs and wives and kids and they love running. Free time for indulging that passion for running is limited due to all the things they need to fit into their lives, just like you. They’ve had injuries that have slowed them down or stopped them altogether, just like you. This is the point… Shaun and Chris know what it is like to be a runner JUST LIKE YOU, which is why they have created Brewster’s Running; so that they can help YOU prevent those injuries or fix them when they appear, run better, faster and with more enjoyment, improve your health and well-being and basically get the absolute most out of your potential and your time.


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Shaun Brewster and Chris O’Driscoll

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  1. Jamie Sinclair
    3 years ago

    Good luck at the Kepler. Looking forward to your race report.

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