Achievement Breeds Achievement

Momentum is a beautiful thing.

It can make running down a gentle hill feel like flying and when it comes to getting what you want from life, it can sometimes be the defining factor.

I am a firm believer that we are capable of achieving all kinds of greatness with the right mindset.

It is usually around this time of year that we find ourselves making statements like “This year I’m going to run my first Marathon” or “This year I’m finally going to lose those extra kilos”. When setting targets or goals such as these, we should never be afraid of going for the BIG win. Many people will only set a goal that they know they can reach and never know how much more was possible. Others will aim for something much greater and never get there because it is too daunting to really try.

Here is what I’m suggesting…

Set your goal right at the top. Pick something that would be so wonderfully amazing to achieve but don’t spend one second thinking about how difficult it would be to reach. Once you have set the goal, then ‘chunk’ that goal down into smaller versions. Make these chunks your initial targets and start knocking them off. What you will find is that once you start achieving the small wins, your momentum will help you gain more momentum until it becomes a snowball that can’t be stopped.

For example; if your goal is to lose 45kg, begin by identifying the habits and behaviors that will make the difference and start on one at a time. You might decide that spending too much time in front of the TV is a bad habit, so skip one TV show per night and spend it doing something active – even cleaning the house… Next you might decide that eating more fruit would be useful, so rather than completely change what you have for breakfast right away, just add some fruit to it every second day.

Every little thing you change, no matter how small, will fuel your fire through the rewards it brings and the major goal will gradually become less daunting.

     The key is that everything is relative. For someone that has never run a 5km race, a Marathon is ridiculous. For a Marathon runner, imagine what they would find crazy. Then there are Ultra-Marathon runners who regularly run multiple marathons in a week just for training.Their goals will boggle the minds of most people.

So, as you start to make the small changes and reach the smaller goals, the slightly bigger goals become very realistic. It’s not long before the really big goals become what the small goals once were. Before you know it, you are dreaming up challenges and setting targets for yourself that will amaze the people around you.

This philosophy works not just in sport and health, but also in business, relationships and every facet of your life.

This is not a magic bullet; in fact it is something you probably instinctively know already. The trick it is to begin. Take that lofty goal and chunk it down, then make the small changes that add up to the bigger ones.

Dream – Chunk – Begin

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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