Belief Is Enough

The title of this article should be all we need, but sometimes it takes some convincing.

I’m not talking about belief in a higher power or a religious figure, but belief that IT is possible.

Have you ever met someone who has complete and utter blind faith that they can accomplish whatever it is that they set their mind to? There is incredible power in that mindset.

It wasn’t that long ago that we thought it was impossible to fly into Space… that was until someone did it and now we just take it for granted that this can be done.

What about the 4 minute mile? For years that was an unbeatable time, but once people realized it could be done, lots of people did it.

The difference here is the belief that it can be done, followed by the belief that “I” can do it.

I distinctly remember in the early years of my Martial Arts training, I had an instructor who seemed to have complete and utter faith in my abilities. There were times when he asked me to push myself or do things that I would normally have never considered possible. However, when it came from him it seemed to have some kind of magical power. He would say I could do it and in that moment I believed him… because he believed in me.

That experience of having someone believe in me completely was so valuable. It taught me to believe in myself and to trust that I WILL find a way to achieve any goal I set my mind to.

The power of the mind and its ability to find a way to overcome the most extreme challenges and to lead the body through all kinds of distress (and out the other side) has been well documented. I’ve written previously about the Power of Decision, Goal Setting and Determination, but for us to achieve anything of substance, we have to first believe it is possible. Then beyond that belief that it is possible, we have to believe that it is possible for us.

Have you got someone in your life that has faith in your ability to achieve greatness? Have you got someone close to you that will remind you and drive you to believe in yourself? If your answer is no, then I hope you are one of those people that have enough faith in your own abilities, behaviors and habits that you don’t need that push. If you need that external guidance and support, then find yourself a teacher, a mentor, a coach or someone that help you see you for more than you are right now. Someone that can see you for who you can and will become.

I wish you all the best in your running and life goals, and hope that my words go some way to helping you find your way to them.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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