Bigger Than The Running

It’s been a big one.

For Brewsters Running, this week has held a lot of excitement for a number of reasons.

We’ve created new partnerships, taken on new clients with exciting running projects, seen current clients come to the final days of their big goals and we’ve even had a baby. Well… to be more clear, my wife had a baby. Yep, our 6th child and 5th son was born two weeks early. The good news is that little Solomon is trucking along nicely, as is his amazing Mum. His Dad is more than a little smitten with his new little trooper.

Most of you will already know about Donna Campisi and her incredibly inspiring story ( Well, it all comes to a head this Sunday morning with the Melbourne Marathon.  If you are planning on being at the Marathon, be sure to say come and say hello if you see us on the road or at the finish line and cheer on Donna.

Apart from Donna, I’ve been coaching or assisting a number of people in their preparation for the marathon and it gives me great pride to see these people find themselves at the start line of a long held goal of theirs. Each of these people, in fact, every person that will toe that start line, will have their own amazing story that could fill a book. I draw great pleasure from playing a small part in their story and watching it all unfold through a challenge that they have set, prepared for and executed.

This week also hosts the Great Ocean Walk 100km race and again we are very proud to have contributed to the preparation that will see someone potentially run beyond what they previously thought was possible. They say that in a race there can be only one winner…  I’m not sure about that. Sometimes there are winners before the race has even been run.

I sometimes wonder why the universe dishes up so much action in one particular week and then realize that this can only happen because we live a life that is full. Full with the activity that moves us toward and into the things that make us come alive. Both Chris and I love our roles in Brewsters Running. We feel very fortunate to be able to be involved in people’s stories, and to witness things that are bigger than the running and sometimes bigger than we can even imagine.


Run long my little Solomon,


Shaun Brewster.


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  1. Rika
    4 years ago

    Congratulations to you, your wife and the rest of your Family on the birth of Solomon!

    Welcome to the world Solomon 🙂

  2. Paul Cooper
    4 years ago

    Congratulation Shaun. What an exciting time. I still don\’t know how you fit it all in but it is testament to your perfect time management. Can you send my Best wishes and encouragement to Donna? I was there to see her kill the devil bend half. All the best Paul Cooper

  3. Phoenix ryan
    4 years ago

    Welcome solomon to the world i\’ve also heard his older Brother Phoenix is amazing and the ryan-brewster clan wouldnt be the ryan-brewster clan without him. Phoenix your amazing and i love you 🙂

  4. Phoenix ryan
    4 years ago

    And the only way my dad fits it in is because he has his amazing second oldest son Phoenix 🙂

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