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You’re probably wondering what Bulletproof Runner is all about…


Running Coach, Shaun tackling the trails around Cape Schank

  • Instructional videos

  • Running technique

  • Interviews with experts and legends

  • Current research

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Motivation

  • Race strategy

  • Sports nutrition & eating for Performance

  • Running specific recipes

  • Podcasts

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

This member only community is the most comprehensive educational, supportive and motivational resource ever made available to runners, and YOU can be a part of it NOW. You will not only receive the latest research and knowledge from experts around the world, but you’ll also get direct access to Shaun Brewster and Chris O’Driscoll’s personal techniques and philosophies on running, health and achieving your best.

Membership is only $17 per month! Lock that price in for yourself NOW as it can’t stay this low forever, and what you pay now, is what you pay for life.

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Nutrition Coach, Chris. Nearing the finish of the 60k Kepler Challenge

That’s only 30 cents per day for direct access into the Brewsters Running brains trust of resources training tools, concepts, research AND all the information shared within the community from other experts brought into the fold by Shaun and Chris.

If you sign up now, you will lock in the $17 price FOR EVER and you will never be effected by future price rises.

You can opt to exit the program at any time and there is no penalty for doing so. No risk!

The Bulletproof Runner community will be situated in a private Facebook page with access only to members. To get your eyes and hands on all this and become a part of the Bulletproof Runner community, sign up here and let’s get started!

BONUS – As members of this exclusive community, you will receive special benefits such as discounts off registration fees to selected races, special prizes for valuable contributions to the group, invitation to attend Bulletproof Runner training camps and much more!   Here are some of the things that people in our 12 week pilot program had to say about Bulletproof Runner…

BULLETPROOF has taken me back to the raw mechanics of running. The program has exposed underlying weaknesses that I may now progress forward with, and revealed strengths that I never knew I had!

Running an average of 50km a week, I truly believed I had a solid foundation, but I really was just scratching the surface. Bulletproof is rebuilding my base and mindset simultaneously.
You only need 3 things:11781830_10153563375444974_5349845829919566366_n

* A pair of shoes (or equivalent)

* An open mind

* A sense of adventure

Cheers to Brewsters Running for an incredible program and A+ support.

Happy Running

Deb SHARPY Sharp.


Firstly, Thank you Shaun and Chris for your influence and guidance throughout the 12 week program.

I learnt a lot and have made new friendships with awesome like minded people here who have the same views and goals to improve their Running and to live healthy and happier lives. Having Shaun’s Running Knowledge and in-depth Nutrition Information from Chris makes it an amazing program to be part ofBrett S

I really liked the information on nutrition and recipes and information on recovery and much more. Possibly the truly awesome part of this program is having Chris and Shaun whenever anyone had a question. Thank you guys it means a lot.

For myself I still have much more to learn and achieve in my running. BPR helped me to follow some sort of structure in my training over the 12 weeks and has been easy to fit in with my current schedule.

I was stoked to hear about the new app coming soon. Its going to help so much. Good luck to everyone with their goals and dreams. The T-Shirt and cap looks pretty cool too!

In closing, Information and Knowledge is the most powerful thing we have access too. Having a excellent platform that is relevant to runners is so vital in every possible way. I truly believe Brewsters Running is vital in the development of anyone who wants to see improvement, whether running technique and coaching programs or nutrition information. I don’t think many companies offer Running Scholarships and it was great of Shaun and Chris provide this opportunity. Continuing the Bulletproof Running Program and offering it to others is truly awesome. So glad to be part of the Brew Crew Family and hopefully I’ll be able to join in for a run soon and have much more strength and achieve the overall improvement that I’m looking for, as everyone is I’m sure

Cheers always

Mad Dog (Brett Stanbury)

Photo was taken at the 2015 Buffalo Stampede 42km Sky Marathon. My first event to run with the Brew Crew and was truly an awesome experience, which I will never forget


I signed up to BPR (Bulletproof Runner) because I had some chronic niggling injuries that were impeding my ability to run what I wanted to when I wanted to, and was aware that I needed to get stronger in some areas, but I had no idea how to go about it.

Wow, the program totally exceeded my expectations.JS Alpine challenge nov 2014

BPR is a varied suite of exercises, running and nutrition tips – all with a very doable time frame (20-30 minute sessions), supported by Shaun and Chris’ expert advice whenever you needed it, and backed up by an enthusiastic super-encouraging community. Many times during the program, I’d procrastinate about doing a session, only to find someone else had done the session and posted about it, and that would motivate me to get it done.

The program is hard – I think I was sore for the whole 12 weeks, but very satisfying. Importantly, I really enjoyed the sessions (mostly!) and impressively, just when you thought your body could take no more, a recovery session would miraculously be scheduled and the body would start to feel good again.

And the results……

It took a few weeks after the program finished for me to see a difference with my running, but what I have experienced has totally blown me away.

I can run much further before leg fatigue sets in than previously and my recovery after hard running sessions or long runs is really quick, so I can back up. And the chronic injuries are well on the way to being history. I cannot recommend BPR more highly: it has made a massive difference for me. Get on board!

 Julie Savage

Very happy bulletproof runner


The combination of weekly Bulletproof Legs sessions and additional sessions focusing on core strength and mobility made for a varied and challenging program.  The program required minimal equipment and readily fit in with a busy schedule – which was great as I was able to take BPR “on the road” and do sessions whilst overseas on holiday. Although it must be said I did get a few strange looks when completing some of the exercises in local parks in Japan! The sessions were enjoyable however sometimes I queried Shaun’s penchant for pain and discomfort.



When I decided to do BPR, I was mostly interested in the “physical program” rather than the “nutritional program”. However, Chris did provide a plethora of information and highlighted some interesting aspects in this domain that I was not previously aware of.  It has certainly made me want to investigate further about “everyday” nutrition and nutrition pertaining to recovery and create a plan that is suited to me.

Louise Crossley

All that we’re waiting for is you to sign up! So head back up the page (just above the photo of Chris) and you can be on your way to being an official Bulletproof Runner.

See you there.

Shaun Brewster and Chris O’Driscoll