Brewsters Summer Challenge

Someone once said it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Or 3 weeks, whichever sounds better to you…

The biggest decision is what good habit it is that you want to create, or more to the point, which bad habit you want to break? Making the decision, drawing a line in the sand and saying “NO MORE” is something most of us need to do at some point in our lives.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, like Shaun and I, you will be coming out of winter and heading into the warmer months when copious amounts of sun and sea are in order to thaw you out from the winter chill. Only problem being, that many of us have added a few centimeters of “insulation” onto the waist/belly to keep us warm. Sounds like a good excuse, right? But now that the weather is warming up, that insulation isn’t really needed now, is it?

So let’s get back to that habit thing again. How about having a new habit, where you get back out training, start eating correctly and have a body you are proud of this summer? This is where Shaun and I come in. In the next couple of weeks, we will be starting our Summer Shape Up program, where a limited number of people (first in best dressed) will be taken through a great training and eating plan to get your health and vitality back on track.

Maybe you are fortunate and don’t really need to change your body shape, you are just after some good advice to pick your health up and improve your fitness. What we are really doing here is showing you how to optimize your health, fitness and mental strength. If you do it to the letter, finding a healthier, happier and fitter you will be the only side effect.

There are a few pre requisites to qualify for it though.

Firstly, you will need a Facebook account, as all information will be delivered via a private page on facebook.

Secondly, we want people who are going to give this thing a red hot go. Some things won’t be easy and will push you outside your comfort zone and others may be “outside the box” so to speak. But everything will be for a reason and if done properly, it will make huge differences to your life.

Thirdly and most importantly, we want you to have fun with it. If you get to the end of the program and say it was boring and you didn’t have fun, even though you have given it a red hot go, you will get to keep us as coaches until your opinion has been changed and we have helped you achieve your goals!

So the only question is, are you in, or are you in? Over the next week, Shaun and I will be finalizing details, costs and the format of the program, so watch this space, this is going to fill up fast, so make sure you get in early.

Run Well

Chris O’Driscoll

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  1. Suzanne Cranch
    3 years ago

    I love reading what you have to say, amd I am definately interested in changing my shape and my lifestyle. Please let me know about the price so I can make a decision whether I can afford your program.

    Kind Regards


  2. Chris
    3 years ago

    No problems Suzie. We will probably have all details ready to go by Monday night. Check back here then.

  3. steph Corbet
    3 years ago

    This sounds good. I’m not much of a runner but I’d like to give it a go

  4. Kelly Barber
    3 years ago

    would love to learn more about this and possibly give it a go!!

  5. Shaun
    3 years ago

    Hi Steph and Kelly, you can find the details and price on our website right now. We’d love to have you on board. Steph, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t much of a runner (right now), we will be using running as part of the exercise component, but it will be tailored to your level of ability. Hope to see you in the group!

  6. Leanne Jones
    3 years ago

    Im already running, but think there’s definitely room for improvement. Ive got two Half Marathons under my belt, one good, one not so. (Poor iron levels, & hence, limited quality training)
    I work all day 6 -5 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, so my training is a little spasmodic at the best of times,
    Could you give an indication of costs involved in this training program.
    Cheers, Leanne

  7. Chris
    3 years ago

    Hi Leanne, we have officially started the program, but you can jump in if you want to play catch up. I’m away for the weekend, so just email me and we can sort something out Sunday night. The cost is $170 for the 12 weeks, plus there are a few bonuses thrown in.
    My email is

  8. Maggie
    3 years ago

    i finished five months chemo and six weeks radiotherapy about a year ago. Regaining fitness is my biggest challenge. I work with children with special needs and though I am getting better re brain and physical skills I too would love to run. I get incredibly anxious if a child runs away from me as I can’t keep up to ensure they are safe. I would like to use this time around Christmas to give myself a gift of good health and looking after myself…. As well as decrease the change of cancer returning.

  9. Chris
    3 years ago

    Hey Maggie,
    That’s some great motivation to get started in this kind of thing. We are nearly 2 weeks into it, but if you email me at I can organise something for you and help you get up to speed with things, if you want to join up.
    Chris O’Driscoll

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