Imagine Having Bulletproof Legs. Legs That No Matter How Hard You Pushed Them, They Just Recovered And Allowed You To Train Just As Hard The Following Day. Legs That Never Got Injured And Could Run For Miles Without Fault.

This Program Can Help You Achieve That. Shaun Brewster (EP, MST, RT, PT) Has Developed This With You, The Runner In Mind To Give You A Program That Trains Your Whole Body To Get You Running Further, Faster And Harder Over Whatever Terrain You Prefer. Get Your Bulletproof Legs Today!

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With the Bulletproof Legs Program, you have two options. First is a 6 week program, where you get a video guiding you through a weekly training session that will have your body feeling sore for days, in a good way. The 12 week program is an extension of the 6 week program, with the last 6 being higher intensity with more challenging exercises. Plus for the real sadists, there is a free bonus Killer 13th week session. Only for the clinically insane though! Simply choose which program you want, enter your details and head over to our secure payment page and you will be on your way to having your own set of Bulletproof legs. Look out Legs!


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So Here Is What You Get


The Bulletproof Legs Video’s.($156 For 12 Week Program)

6 Sessions for the 6 week Program. 12 Sessions for the 12 week program plus the Bonus 13th week which will be a real killer session. To get a session with a strength and conditioning coach like this, you would be paying at least $50 per session. This is like having your own coach on hand whenever you need them. (Each video is worth $12)

The Bulletproof Legs Worksheet. ($65)

Each week you get a worksheet you can print off to guide you through the session. Also by filling out the session log, you can track your progress when you come back to do it again the second or third time around. That’s the great thing about this. Once you finish the 6 or 12 weeks of these sessions, just go back and start again. (Each Worksheet valued at $5)

As An Added Bonus, If You Buy Now You Will Also Receive


The Brewsters Running “How To Run Video” (Value $17)

This short video explains the correct running method, how to prepare your body for it and why you should run this way. Many running injuries are actually caused by poor form, so if you can incorporate this with your core training, you will be well on your way to a much happier running career.

The Brewsters Running “10 Most Common Running Injuries And How To Spot Them” (Value $37)

If you can spot an injury in the early stages, your chances of a fast rehabilitation will increase dramatically. I take you through each injury explaining the early signs to look out for with a few tips on what to do to help.

Email Access To Shaun For Any Questions You Have Regarding The Program (Value $97)

If you have any questions on anything included in the program, just email me and I will reply promptly to get you back on track. Your success really matters to me. I can only accept a limited number of people for the email support, so get in quick before I close the doors on it.

You will get Free Lifetime Updates (Value $97)

Unlike other programs you find on the internet today where they release version 2 or 3 a month or so after you buy it and expect you to pay the price again in full, with Brewsters Running, you will always have the most up to date version available at no cost, ever. All your videos and ebooks will be updated automatically on the membership page so you have the most current information available.

60 day Money back Guarantee

If you give this a really good go and are not happy with the results, just email me and I will refund you money, no questions asked, as long as it is within the 60 day purchase period.


That’s well over $450 worth of value for just $97.


For a limited time only, you can try out Bulletproof Legs for just $1. Click here for details…

Here is what previous customers have said about the Bulletproof Legs Program

Byam photo small “Bulletproof legs take 1 – running 21km the morning before the first session is ill advised. I was spent after the second set and decided to cut the session short so I could run another 20km tomorrow at a pace faster than 7min/km. Shaun Brewster you’re a sick fellow.” Chris Wight.


“Having just completed the first 13 weeks of the Bulletproof legs I have to say a huge thankyou to Brewsters Running for the program. Completed a 5hr training trail run in the Grampians on some super technical trail & felt like I had acquired new legs. Uphill felt almost effortless, downhill I was able to push at speeds that once would have felt reckless but now felt effortless. The most challenging part was mentally allowing my legs the freedom that they had earned through short torture in the bulletproof legs program. So much fun!!!!

I would have to say I cant imagine a better value program in terms of cost, time & reward than what I have experienced with Bulletproof legs. Your legs will hate you for the duration of the 20min program but they will love you for the remainder of the week (after recovery that is!!).

Thanks heaps

Cheers Clare” – Clare Weatherly


“Hi Brewsters Running, the first session of Bulletproof legs totally smashed me! I run a lot and am trying to transition to the trail running scene. I can really see how this is going to help me perform better on the trails. Cheers” – Damien C.

“Hi Chris and Shaun, Just finished the first Bulletproof Legs session and wanted to say thanks for creating such a user-friendly program. I’m SO time-poor and wasn’t sure if I could fit another session into my week, but being that it is only 30 mins max, I just go to the park across the road from my work and smash it out in my lunch break. Looking forward to building my super legs!Thanks again,” – Nathan L.

“And I thought week 1 of bullet proof legs was tough…..week 2 – ouch!!!!” – Sophie Wright.

“Shaun, are you serious? From which dark corner of your brain did you pull these training sessions from? My legs now hate you, but in my next race when I run a PB, I’m sure I will have forgiven you. Thanks, I think…” – Michelle A.

So What Are You Waiting For, Enter Your Details, Hit The Order Now! Button And Get Your Bullet Proof Legs Today!