Running & Performance Coaching

Want to be able to run faster or further?image_shaun

Want to qualify for or get a PB in a specific race?

Want to avoid injury but achieve more?

Or do you just want to see what you are capable of?

A personalised training program is exactly what you need.

Coach Shaun Brewster is an Exercise Physiologist, Musculoskeletal Therapist and Personal Trainer with well over 15 years experience.

Shaun has also completed an extensive list of running challenges which include everything from short runs up to Ultra-Marathons hundreds of kilometres long. He blends his unique combination of running experience with his health science background to produce holistic, practical and user friendly training programs specifically designed to suit each individual.

In addition to creating result producing training programs, Shaun also consults on the topics of strategy, motivation, self development and goal setting. Available for one on one consultation and also to give presentations to groups of all sizes.

Shaun has coached runners to podium finishes in a wide range of distances and coaching is suitable for beginner runners, up to the elite level.

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Nutrition Coaching

Every runner has their weak point, and for many it is the fuel they put into their body.

Be it race day nutrition, post-event recovery or just eating for health and improved performance, knowing which foods to select and combine can sometimes be a bigger challenge than the training and racing combined!

Chris has spent the majority of his life researching, testing, and exploring the world of nutrition. As the science of food and eating for performance is always advancing and changing, it is important to make sure you are getting the very best and most current information about what to eat, how to prepare it and when to consume it.

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, nor does it have to be expensive to eat well. Chris will guide you towards Chris-Kepler-2better choices, he will also teach you how to make those for yourself.

After years of studying the research and testing his theories, Chris has developed a way of eating that maximises your potential as an athlete in preparation, racing and recovery.

There are two options to choose from with Chris’s nutritional consulting plans-

Total health program: A program that is flexible, yet focuses on maintaining the healthiest you there can be. My belief is that the healthier you are, the better you will perform. So naturally health comes first and performance will follow.

Bulletproof Nutrition: For the serious endurance athlete, or someone looking to get the edge they may have been missing. In this program, I teach you how to maximise your endurance potential by tapping in to your largest energy resource. A true endurance based diet backed by the latest sports nutrition research.

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