Dear Legs

Dear legs,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you formally for taking me to so many amazing places that I would have had great difficulty in getting to without you.

I look back fondly on the many adventures we have shared. One memory I hold close to my heart was when you carried me through my first Ultra-marathon and we got to see two sunrises in the one race… that was special.

Another very special experience I credit you with was the early morning of our first 100 miler where we crested a peak and found that we had run up through the clouds and we were looking down on them. I’m sure you will recall those clouds looking like a vast white ocean with the surrounding mountains jutting up out of the “water” like islands. I’ll never forget that morning.

Now, I know I haven’t always been nice to you and I wouldn’t blame you if you held a grudge against me for some of the things I’ve asked you to do. That time I asked you to run 9 marathons in 5 days along a highway was one time that you did complain, but to your credit you made it through to the end and didn’t decide to fire me as your friend at the finish line, as I expected you might. While I do try to look after you and I do truly value what you do for me, I probably do take you for granted some of the time, and I’m sorry if I’ve pushed you beyond what you feel is acceptable. The fact of the matter is that I’ll probably keep doing these things to you until you decide enough is enough. So, for this I’d also like to apologize in advance and beg your forgiveness.

Before I forget, Brain says to say hello. Apparently he hasn’t spoken to you for a while and is concerned that you have not tried to contact him for some time. He hopes that one day you two can be friends again, but acknowledges the fact that things generally work better when the two of you do your own thing separately.

Nerves would like to know why you always send him angry messages about the things I make you do. He knows full well the situations I put you in and would rather not get involved.

Heart does however enjoy the gifts you send to him and he hopes you are getting the most out of what he sends you in return.

In closing I’d like to once again thank you for all your support over the years and I look forward to continuing our strong relationship and to experiencing many great moments together in the future.

P.S. Feet are getting tired of you always putting them down, and would appreciate it if you could occasionally lift them up and stop riding them so hard.

Kind regards,

Shaun Brewster.



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