Discover Your Own Potential

It makes you wonder doesn’t it?
The Western States 100 mile race was just run and won by Tim Olson with a jaw dropping time of 14hrs 46 minutes. Ponder that for a moment… 14:46 for 100 miles on tough technical trails that include snow capped mountains and searing hot canyons, all under the steam of his own internal engine.
Trail Running as a sport is only fairly new when compared to most other sports around the world, so it is very exciting to think that we are going to witness the evolution of human distance running potential in our lifetimes. What we are going to see over the next few years will awe us all I’m sure.
Now is the time to discover your own potential. Have you pushed yourself? Have you found your limits? What are you capable of?
Let’s find out!
WS100 Finish Line

Tim Olson Smashes The Western States 100 Record

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