Embrace The Uncertainty

This week I went for a run that turned out to be much more interesting that I had originally anticipated.

As per usual, my mid week runs have to be molded, massaged and creatively constructed to fit into my fairly hectic schedule. The article (http://brewstersrunning.com/how-do-you-fit-it-in/) I wrote last month outlines my formula for this.

Who would have thought that I could run past mansions, a winery and a golf course, along sandy shoreline, hilly narrow single track, rock strewn private beaches, climb up and along vertical cliff walls over the ocean, up and down countless stairs, along duckboard paths and on only a tiny bit of road, all in just an hour and half, with almost no other humans in sight and right on the edge of a busy residential area of a major bayside suburb?

To make this run even more interesting, I was at the time listening to a podcast about the importance of embracing uncertainty. The speaker said “The level of pleasure you experience on a daily basis is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can tolerate in your life”. This statement rung true for me so I set out on this run from a place I had never run from before, in a direction I had no knowledge of and along a trail that I didn’t even know existed. I knew I had exactly 90 minutes to get back to my car because I had to pick my son up from a class, but I began with a feeling of curious adventure in my mind – and this made all the difference.

I’ve spoken previously about how it has been proven that if runners regularly alter (even slightly) the route they take when they run, that it will dramatically improve the enjoyment they experience when they are running. Well, if you can put yourself in a completely new environment, with no clear goal to reach and simply move forward and enjoy being surprised by what you discover, I think this is a recipe for a great experience.

I honestly can’t remember a single run that I have done that I wasn’t glad I did, but the ones that stick in your mind stick for a reason. That reason has a lot to do with your mindset at the time and the way in which you appreciated that moment in time.

Before heading out the door for your next run, try making the conscious decision of not setting a clear route to follow, open your eyes and your mind to the details of the world you run through and see if you can surprise yourself with what you find.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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  1. Amanda
    4 years ago


    Its all about timings and it seems the planets aligned for you when you set out on your run. We have at times experienced what you did, not often but enough to realise that sometimes by running in a different direction, something presents itself to you that makes you stop and appreciate what you are doing, what you can do and what is around you. We love taking in the NOW and you have reminded us that on our next run, we are going to run a road never travelled before and see where it takes us.

    Thanks for always reminding us why we love running.

  2. Shaun
    4 years ago

    Thanks very much for your comments Amanda. Sounds to me like you have \”figured out\” what running is all about. Good for you!

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