Expand Out Of Trouble

Don’t we just love procrastination? It is our ticket to waiting, putting off, more preparation, stalling, reconsidering and avoiding.

I was once again fortunate to help a client of mine have one of those “Ah Ha!” moments where the light went on in her brain. It was regarding a niggling injury which she came to me to get fixed. While assessing and treating her, she relayed to me how she so badly wanted to get back into running, but every time she started to run, another niggle or pain would pop up and squash her enthusiasm. So, I decided to tell her about another client of mine who was having a similar problem.

This other client was also a woman, but about 10-15 years older, in her late 40’s. This lady was coming to me for a number of different injuries which we were fixing one by one, but of course it was taking some time to completely resolve them. One Sunday morning this lady called me (not unusual for clients of mine…) to exclaim in no uncertain terms that she was, and I quote “sick of feeling like a Pensioner, and ready to do something about it”. She had decided that she was not willing to wait any longer for her body to be healed and was determined to make it stronger to a point where the niggles no longer mattered. From that moment onwards she has been a different person. She has taken back control and become a player rather than a spectator. And yes, I’ve been training her hard and her body is now stronger, fitter and much better at dealing with life and everything it throws at her.

So… back to client number 1. As I told her the story about this lady, she said to me “Yes, that’s it, I’m always looking for conditions to be perfect. I should just get started!” and she did. Two days later I was coaching her (and her husband, who she had motivated with her own enthusiasm) to learn how to run more efficiently. The look of excitement on her face as he realized that she was back in control and that running was now a part of her life again was fantastic to see.

Richard Branson writes in his book ‘Losing My Virginity’, about his philosophy of Expanding out of trouble. When things get tough, rather than retreat or hide, he goes bigger than before and literally “expands out of trouble”. This approach may sound risky, but providing you are moving forward with the right information and guidance, it can be the BEST way to overcome your barriers to success.

The conditions will never be perfect and the only time that will ever be right, is right now.

Run Long
Shaun Brewster.

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