Who Wants Bulletproof Legs?

Of Course Every Runner Wants Them, But How Do You Get Legs That Handle All The Punishment Us Runners Throw At Them? Legs That Have Awesome Endurance, The Strength To Power Up The Biggest Hills And Still Be Able To Give That Last Push Over The Finish Line. Well, You Can Now Get Them For Free.

All You Have To Do Is Enter Your Details Below, And In A Matter Of Minutes, You Will Have Access To The First Session Of Our Highly Acclaimed Training Program, Bulletproof Legs.

And It Is 100% Free Of Charge, With No Obligation To Purchase The Full Program!


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Be Warned 

Bulletproof Legs Creator, Shaun Brewster Doing One Of The Exercises In A Later Session

Bulletproof Legs Creator, Shaun Brewster Doing One Of The Exercises In A Later Session

Bulletproof Legs is not for the faint hearted. It is tough. It will cause your legs to hurt. You may not be able to walk afterwards. It may cause you to spontaneously burst into tears. This is the price you will have to pay for your legs to be Bulletproof.

If your goal is to just plod along and do 5k a few times a week, this is not for you.

If you hate getting dirty and sweaty, then this is not for you.

If you dislike pain of any kind, this is not for you.

If you are soft and are likely to cry when intense pain hits, this is not for you.

If the above statements do not describe you, this program is for you!

Here is what previous customers have said about the Bulletproof Legs Program

“Bulletproof legs take 1 – running 21km the morning before the first session is ill Byam photo smalladvised. I was spent after the second set and decided to cut the session short so I could run another 20km tomorrow at a pace faster than 7min/km. Shaun Brewster you’re a sick fellow.” Chris Wight.


“Having just completed the first 13 weeks of the Bulletproof legs I have to say a huge thankyou to Brewsters Running for the program. Completed a 5hr training trail run in the Grampians on some super technical trail & felt like I had acquired new legs. Uphill felt almost effortless, downhill I was able to push at speeds that once would have felt reckless but now felt effortless. The most challenging part was mentally allowing my legs the freedom that they had earned through short torture in the bulletproof legs program. So much fun!!!!

I would have to say I cant imagine a better value program in terms of cost, time & reward than what I have experienced with Bulletproof legs. Your legs will hate you for the duration of the 20min program but they will love you for the remainder of the week (after recovery that is!!).

Thanks heaps

Cheers Clare” – Clare Weatherly


“Hi Brewsters Running, the first session of Bulletproof legs totally smashed me! I run a lot and am trying to transition to the trail running scene. I can really see how this is going to help me perform better on the trails. Cheers” – Damien C.

“Hi Chris and Shaun, Just finished the first Bulletproof Legs session and wanted to say thanks for creating such a user-friendly program. I’m SO time-poor and wasn’t sure if I could fit another session into my week, but being that it is only 30 mins max, I just go to the park across the road from my work and smash it out in my lunch break. Looking forward to building my super legs!Thanks again,” – Nathan L.

“And I thought week 1 of bullet proof legs was tough…..week 2 – ouch!!!!” – Sophie Wright.

“Shaun, are you serious? From which dark corner of your brain did you pull these training sessions from? My legs now hate you, but in my next race when I run a PB, I’m sure I will have forgiven you. Thanks, I think…” – Michelle A.

All thats left to do, is for you to head back up the page, enter your details, and start getting Bulletproof Legs today. It doesn’t get any cheaper than this!