I Have Some Questions

Ok, I have some questions…

Why do grumpy or negative people bother me less after I’ve been for a run?

Why do some people feel the need to yell abuse at me when they see me running in the middle of the night?

Why do people run with their shoulders hunched up when it is raining?

Why do so many people start their running or exercise programs on Mondays? Is it magical?

Does God get mad when I run on Sundays?

Am I really running away from something? Surely it won’t catch me now… it has been years!

Why do race goals slowly get down-graded in an Ultra-Marathon from ‘finish top 10’ to ‘finish top 50’ to ‘beat the cut-off times’ to ‘stay on your feet’ to ‘don’t vomit on your support crew’ ?

How come I can remember how much it hurt when I bent my finger back playing Basketball 17 years ago, but I don’t remember how much it hurt to run 100 miles 8 months ago?

Why is that I could spend hours at the finish line of a Marathon just watching people I don’t know finish it?

Why can’t I bring myself to throw any of my running shoes away, even though I haven’t worn some of them for over a decade?

How does a skinny guy with long hair and a scraggly beard like Anton Krupicka end up being one of coolest and most marketable endurance athletes in the world? There is no other sport on the planet where you will find that.

Am I the only person left that hasn’t purchased a pair of Nike Free?

Why can’t I get that song out of my head? You know, that song…?

Why does running up a ridiculously steep hill always seem like a good idea before you do it?

Who designed the human body so that you can eat as much of whatever you like and not get fat if you run marathons? Thank you.

Why do I feel like I’m flying and look like I’m dying as I cross a finish line?

Who decides what you hallucinate about after being on your feet for 40+hrs?

Why do men have nipples? Mine just end up bleeding.

What’s with arm warmers?

How was the inflatable tongue in the Reebok Pumps supposed to help?

One more…

Seriously… What’s with arm warmers?

Run Long

Shaun Brewster


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  1. Donna
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the giggle!
    As for the arm warmers, they keep your arms warm!….isn\’t that obvious? 🙂

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