I Run Because…

Because it takes me to places I wouldn’t otherwise go (physically and mentally),

Because it clears the clutter from my head,

Because it doesn’t clear the clutter from my wallet (it’s free!),

Because there is no better way to experience a sunrise than running on a mountain,

Because there is no better way to prolong a sunset than running towards it,

Because it hurts at the time but feels better after,

Because it feels good at the time but hurts after,

Because when I don’t run, something feels wrong,

Because when I do run, problems get solved (or at least forgotten),

Because I’m happier when I’m running,

Because I’m happier when I’m finished running,

Because I’m happier,

Because it makes my calves look better

Because it makes people look at my calves (because they are better),

Because I get to run with other runners, and they are like me (I like me),

Because I get to spend more time with me (I like me),

Because when I’ve run hard and I’m sore, I feel like I’ve earned it. Earned what? Not sure, but it’s mine.

Because running crazy long distances makes for funny conversations with people who don’t run.

Because I’m looking for something… (I hope I don’t find it),

Because my kids love running with me,

Because I love my kids,

Because walking takes too long to get there,

Because cycling gets me there too fast,

Because I’m a runner. It’s what we do.

Run Long

Shaun Brewster

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  1. Donna
    5 years ago

    I run so I can have amazing calves like Shaun 😛
    There! I said it for the world to see…my secret is out 😉
    Not sure when I’ll get them though??

  2. Chris
    5 years ago

    Keep running Donna, you will get them eventually.
    Plus, you shave your legs like Shaun, so it’s very possible…

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