I was not disappointed.

For a long time I’ve been following the exploits of Pat Farmer and the incredible work he has done for charities all over the world. This week I was given the opportunity to attend a fund raiser dinner (www.rundonnarun.com.au) where Pat was the guest speaker.

Before Pat took the stage, I was seated next to him at the table where we spoke quietly about running, adventure, charity work and basically I got to know the man behind his amazing story.

Then he took the stage and what followed will echo in my mind for a long time to come.

He told us with great passion about some of his unbelievable feats of endurance such as breaking records across deserts, running from one side of the U.S. to the other, literally running a lap around Australia and of course his most recent 11 month 20,000+ km run from the North to the South Pole without a single day off. From people that cannot possibly comprehend why someone would push themselves to such extremes, he often gets the question – “Why?”

Pat’s answer was perhaps one of the best I’ve heard for this often posed question.

“I do it because I feel an overwhelming need to justify every breath I take, because there are so many people that never get that chance”.

And justify it he does. Everything he does has a cause behind it. The money and awareness he has raised for various charities is mind boggling. He realizes that his special gift is running and that through it he can contribute to his world.

Thank you Pat, for showing us that anyone can make a difference. Thank you for being the kind of person that encourages leadership of self and others. Thank you for setting the bar high for all of us that have a gift to give (and we all do). And thank you for reminding us that the world is what we make it, so don’t waste one second – make it great.

Run long,


Shaun Brewster.

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  1. John Chapman
    4 years ago

    Hi Shaun And Chris,
    My daughter Jess, partner Amanda, and I, were lucky enough to be at the RunDonnaRun fundraising dinner on Wednesday evening and hear not only Pat speak but also yourselves and Donna.
    Jess suffered a stroke, associated with her now diagnosed medical condition, Mitochondrial disease, just over 12 months ago, and spent over 2 months in the Royal Children\’s hospital, returning there for regular check ups and assessment, her rehab is ongoing but the evening provided a much needed psychological boost for both of us as well as raising funds for the RCH.
    Pat Farmer and Donna for that matter, are truly inspirational and highlights the fact that life is truly what you make of it.
    Although being on the wrong side of 45 I find running, as many stories highlight, an enjoyable and sometimes necessary part of my life and as a recently new reader of your articles I find them interesting and informative.
    Your involvement in Donna\’s journey is truly commendable and hopefully time permitting I\’ll get a chance to have a chat with you at the Melbourne Mara.



  2. Shaun
    4 years ago

    Hello John, thank you very much for your message. I\’m sorry I didn\’t get to meet you and Jess at the dinner. If you are planning to come along to the marathon, I\’m wondering if Jess would like a front row seat? By this I mean joining us for the entire 42kms… From what I gethered Jess is not able to run (yet), but if she was interested, I\’d be happy to push her in a wheelchair so that she could be right there next to Donna all the way. I know it would give Donna a huge boost and I bet Jess would enjoy seeing a marathon unfold from the perspective of a participant. The atmosphere is fantastic and it would be our pleasure to have Jess as part of the team.
    If you would like to speak to me about this further, feel free to email me at shaun@brewstersrunning.com.

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