Losing Your North Star.

So you started running to lose weight, or improve your health, or to share something with your partner, or because it felt good, or because you wanted to feel stronger…. Whatever it was, I’m tipping that your reasons for running now, are somewhat different.

Changing your reasons, your guiding purpose or your “north star” is fine, providing that the thing you are doing is still working for you.
But what if the running has become a bit of a chore, or maybe it just doesn’t light you up like it used to? If this is the case, then it’s time to reflect.

Look back at your original reason for starting running, is that still valid for you? Firstly, was that a goal that had a finish line? If it did, and if you reached it, then it is little wonder why you may be feeling a bit lost. Now your job is to either establish another driving factor for you continuing to run OR, and this is a big one – give it away.
The danger in continuing to run when you have no internal reason to, is that you’ll grow to resent it and the running itself will become a negative for you.

If your north star doesn’t have a finish line, but instead it has an ongoing benefit, such as sharing that time with your partner, exploring new places or pushing your mental and physical potential, then clarify that REASON in your mind and actively seek our ways in which you can CONSCIOUSLY do more of that thing. Sometimes all it takes is being mindful of the why while you are doing the what.

Above all else, remember this…

Evolutionary biology has demonstrated without any doubt that the human body is designed to run, and run far. Every one of us will have different reasons for choosing to run or not to. Don’t let yourself be drawn into doing it for your friend’s reasons, the popular reasons on social media, or even for your old reasons that no longer apply.
Your reason, your north star is the only one that matters.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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  1. Gareth
    6 months ago

    Gold advice as always

  2. The Seagull
    6 months ago

    Nice one SB,
    Left unattended, knowledge and skills, like many things, depreciate in value surprisingly quickly. Reinvent that ‘North Star’

  3. Gerard Santamaria
    6 months ago

    Hi Shaun
    I just want to say the above piece is the most important advice you can give anyone. People though look at you funny when you tell them that your WHY will be sorely tested in a race and training.
    It has taken me a few years, now that I am in my 60’s to reframe my WHY after realising my fastest days were behind. Now my best running is what I’m doing at the present and into the future.
    Thanks Shaun

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