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Since starting this blog I’ve found myself drawing inspiration from all manner of things in my life. It may have come from a conversation I had with a friend, something I observed while running, a book I read or sometimes the ideas just seem to fall into (or out of) my head for no good reason. While thinking about what I’d like to write about this week, it occurred to me that perhaps it shouldn’t always be about what I want to write about… What a revelation, right? Perhaps I should be asking YOU what I should write about!

So… I am asking you to send me your topics, ideas and questions and I’ll do my best to write about these things or answer your questions where I can. The best way to do this is to email me at

The steering wheel is yours!

For today’s purposes though, I’d like to tell you a little more about Donna Campisi. I mentioned Donna in last week’s blog and her decision to allow Chris and I to coach her to running her first Marathon.

I should also point out that nothing great in life happens without some form of risk. Donna is a risk taker.

A few weeks ago, Donna met Chris at a seminar that we attended. They spoke for a couple of minutes and exchanged business details. A week or so later, Donna sent us both an email asking if we would be interested in helping her learn to run. Why? Because running seemed like an impossibility to her, and that’s THE perfect reason.

You may remember me telling you last week that Donna had a major Stroke at age 8 and had to learn to walk again from scratch. This took quite some time and the right side of her body has been impaired since that time. Donna has Diabetes and also had heart problems… are you seeing the significance of her challenge here? Oh, and currently she can run about 30 steps before having to stop. Like I said, Donna is a risk taker.

So, Donna emails us and as soon as we heard her story, there was no question. We were in.

I emailed her back and we spoke on the phone the next morning. As soon as I spoke to Donna I knew that learning to run was not going to be enough. Donna wants to inspire others to be bigger and better than they currently are and what better way to do that than show them how. She is also going to raise money for a very worthy charity along the way.

So as Donna and Brewsters Running join forces to help her run a Marathon in October 2013, I ask you the question “What risks are you taking today?”

Have you stopped to think about what you can do to stretch yourself? Are you leaving a positive mark on the lives of others?

Donna has already left her mark on Chris and I. We can’t wait to see how she inspires all of you.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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