There are a million reasons we could come up with for not training when it is cold and wet outside or when we are short on time. There are also just as many reasons that we should/must/will get out there and train.

Sometimes LIFE intervenes though and ticking off your Wednesday hill session or your Thursday speed work for example, is just not possible.

I’m not a fan of excuses, but having 6 kids, multiple businesses and my own training to get done, I can certainly empathise with people that struggle to make it all happen.

There is another option for those who may be suffering through a “time famine” right now or that just can’t bring themselves to do battle with the weather gods.

Micro Training!

Ok, I’ll admit, this term only came into existence about 5 minutes ago, when I had to think of what I’d call this concept. Nevertheless, the idea of training in tiny chunks to produce a cumulative result, is nothing new. I would however wager that not many people do this consciously.

Here is how it could work for you…

If you simply can’t get a proper training session done today, where else and how else can you find a way to put your body in a situation that requires it to work?

Some people have physically demanding jobs that keep them fit and strong without needing to do any specific training, but what about everyone else?

Micro Training can be simple things like taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator and pushing hard up two or three steps at a time. It could be running down stairs as fast as you can to train a faster foot turn-over and build control in your ankles and knees. It could be standing in a low squat while brushing your teeth or doing the ironing. It could be knocking out 30 push ups while you wait for your dinner to heat up in the microwave. It could even be calf raises while lining up at the bank.

All these small acts of physical effort add up to positive outcomes for your health and fitness.

Micro Training can also be a little more structured, with training sessions that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. This may be a series of hard intervals at 90-100% with very little recovery time. It could be dragging a tire around your back yard as fast as you can. Or it can be an indoor HIT (high intensity training session) with a PT or a session you design yourself. We created the Bulletproof Legs program to be fast and incredibly hard for this reason exactly.

While you may think that a few calf raises or taking the stairs won’t make a huge difference to your fitness, I would ask the question – what difference will doing nothing make?

Obviously nothing is going to replace getting out there and actually running those kilometers, something will always win out over nothing.

Here is your challenge…

Examine each section of your day. Look at your environment and how you are using your time. Where can you do something that will challenge some part of your body? How can you MOVE so that you can IMPROVE? No matter how small or silly the activity may seem, do it and know that when you add that to the next micro activity and the next and the next, you will be adding to a cumulative tally that will equal something very worthwhile.

And tell us about it! We’d love to see you post something on our Facebook or Twitter┬ápage with #MicroTraining telling us about the small things that you are doing each day to move you to where you want to be.


Run long (but if you can’t… just do something!),

Shaun Brewster.

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