Mission Possible

This week I’ve been inspired by a story that demonstrates the good that running can bring to our world.

Deb Sharp is a fit and healthy Cardiac Technician in her 30’s who helps to save lives on a daily basis. She recently came to me for Coaching and has made amazing progress in the few weeks we have been working together. Last weekend Deb ran in a 10km fun run and was only a short distance into the race when an older man moved into position alongside her. They started chatting and he asked if it was ok if he stuck with her for a while. Of course she said yes, and they continued on, ticking off the kms. A couple of kms from the end, the old fella said he was going to stride out a bit and told Deb that she needed to stay right behind him.

At first, one would have thought that the man had been pacing off Deb, but now it seemed he wanted to return the favour and help Deb finish stronger than she otherwise would have.

Following his instructions, Deb tucked in behind and together that charged home to a clear PB time for Deb!

At the finish line, they got talking and it turns out this man named Dan had been a patient in the very hospital that Deb works at after he had a heart attack 2 years ago. Now here he was, running strong and helping someone who may very well have contributed to making that run possible for him.

Dan is 72 years old.

It is stories like this that remind us of simple acts of kindness can have such an incredible impact on other’s lives. So, this week I’m laying down a challenge…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use your running powers for good and set out to do at least 3 of the following things within the next 7 days:

1) Ask a non-runner friend to come with you for a run.

2) Run with someone slower than you and help them get more from that run than they otherwise would have.

3) Attempt to explain to a non-runner the positive impact that running has had on your life.

4) While on a run, engage another runner (a stranger) in conversation and see if you can say something that will help them feel good about themselves.

5) While running, every time you pass by someone, give them a huge smile and tell them what a great day it is!

6) Pick up and remove any rubbish you find along your running path/trail.

7) Find a reason to run with (play with) your own or a friend’s child and tell them that they are a great runner.

8) Speak to someone that has recently taken up running and tell them how great it is that they have chosen to change their life for the better. Remind them that every run they do, moves them closer to where they want to be.

9) Find an inspiring story about someone who has overcome a personal battle and done great things with their life through running. Share that story with 5 people that may need some motivation to make the changes that they need in their lives.

10) Simply go for a run in one of your favourite places, soak up the experience and really take notice of how good it feels. Then for the rest of the day, make it obvious to the world around you that you are happier because of that simple act.

Running has the power to transform and transcend. It is perhaps one of the most natural and simple things we can do, and when it is done well and with the right intentions, it can change lives.

So this week, INSPIRE someone, ENCOURAGE someone, GIVE to someone.


Run long,

Shaun Brewster

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  1. Kate
    4 years ago

    this is fabulous! thanks for the encouragement to help others and get the most out of running and life!

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