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If you are one of Melbourne’s Midday Milers, Brewsters Running would like to give you two free training videos.

The first video is titled “Stretching For Runners”. This is a stretching routine designed by Shaun Brewster (EP,MST,RT,PT) himself specifically for runners. As a long distance runner himself and Professional Running Coach, he understands the importance of a good stretching routine. Doing this routine after each training session will help reduce injury and recovery time.


The second video is titled “Brewster’s Natural Running Form”. One of the biggest contributors to running injury, is incorrect stride. With a natural running stride, your impact with the ground will be greatly reduced, therefore putting less strain on your muscles and joints. A must have for any runner who wants to continue running without the injuries.

All you have to do, is enter your details into the box below, and we will send you out the link to download your free videos as promised.

Run Long, Run Well
Shaun Brewster and Chris O’Driscoll

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