Poison In Our Water

Poison In Our Water

Last week I spoke about how important it is to drink pure, clean water. After all, water is what nature has provide us and helped us to evolve into what we are today. But as always, some genius scientist decides to come along, for whatever reason, and try to improve on it.

What they have done in most Western water supplies is add medication to it, right across the board. Now most people would agree that when you see a doctor, they take into account a number of factors before deciding on a correct dosage for a given medication. When something is added to the water supply, there is no control as to who gets how much. Should a formula fed baby at 10 months old get half the dose of an adult who happens to weigh 10 times as much? That’s just crazy. But that is exactly what is happening here.

So what is fluoride then? Fluoride is just an ionic particle, or simply put a very small particle, of fluorine which is number 9 on the periodic table of elements. Though technically speaking, what is being added to the water supply is sodium fluoride. As you can see from the photo on this post, that I actually took myself from a town’s water supply, sodium fluoride is a toxin. A toxin that is more deadly than lead and not far behind arsenic. It also accumulates in the body like many heavy metals.

So why add it to our water? We all know the answer to that one, it’s to help our teeth stay strong, healthy and prevent decay. For something like this to be given out in such large amounts, it has to be proven to be firstly effective and secondly safe. Many studies have been run on the effectiveness of fluoride on the health of teeth, but none have proven its effectiveness. If you look at most European nations where roughly 3% of the water is fluoridated, there is no difference in the rate of tooth decay between the nations that use it and the ones that don’t. As for the safety of it, it has been linked to many diseases like bone cancer (99% of it accumulates in the bone) and an issue known as fluoridosis.

Fluoridosis is an issue where too much fluoride builds up in the bones and teeth and actually makes them weaker. Fluoride is actually meant to make them stronger! It can be identified in its early stages as white patches on the teeth, but in its later stages it can be a blackening of the teeth. In many cases symptoms can also be similar to osteoporosis, with sufferers showing an excessive curvature of the spine.

It is actually an industrial waste product predominantly from the aluminium industry. In fact the amount of fluoride produced by this industry is so large it is quite hard to dispose of. So the easiest way to dispose of a waste product of this kind is to convince everyone it is healthy and add it to the water supply. Sounds very much like a conspiracy theory, I know, but when fluoride was deemed safe to add to the water supply, it was only authorised by the dental industry. No toxicologists were ever consulted in the matter, nor have they ever considered it to be safe.

If you live in an area that has a fluoridated water supply, you should consider purchasing a water filter. Now there are many that are on the market that remove all sorts of particles, but being ionic or very small, fluoride is quite hard to remove. Most filters really don’t touch fluoride and the only one really proven to remove it effectively is a reverse osmosis filter. They are more expensive than most other filters, but well worth the expense.

If you are worried about tooth health, the most important factor in that is a good diet. Processed carbs and sugars are the biggest culprit of tooth decay and reduced bone density. Eating fresh, healthy vegetables, good fats and proteins are the best way to improve your health, bone density and athletic performance.

If you want to learn more on this topic, as I have really only brushed the surface of it, you can’t go past a group called the Fluoride Action Network who are working to eradicate fluoride from all water supplies. The more support they get, the more powerful they will get and we can get that little bit closer to eradicating this poison from our water. They are well worth looking up.

Run well,

Chris O’Driscoll

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