The terrible attack at the Boston Marathon has shocked us all.

There is no doubt that the Marathon is one of the most iconic and celebrated of human endeavours, and to have that tarnished by such pointless and devastating actions is an insult to everything great about the world we live in.

Whoever is responsible for the terrorist act was deluded in their thinking that their actions would weaken or break the spirit of those present. Yes, there were injuries and lives lost, and that is truly sad. For the families of those people left behind and for the people that have a long road of recovery ahead of them, their lives will be scarred forever by that day. That much we know is true.

However, what I have seen happening through the news and through the closely knit online community of runners around the world is something that makes my heart glow and makes me very proud to be a runner. What we are seeing is a tidal wave of defiance. A staunch stance of “No, this will not break us – you will not take this away from us”.

The running community is full of people that live everyday with passion and intention. They choose to experience the beauty of life through the simple act of heading out the door and into a world full of freedom and choice. To have that threatened has lit a fire under so many of our kind, and to see the kinship, support and outpouring of love, is something to behold.

Be proud of yourselves, people. They can try their hardest to spoil something we cherish, but let this be a lesson to them that they are no match, nor ever will be for the human spirit.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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