Shaun Brewster has been a health practitioner, educator and Ultra-distance athlete forShaun over 10 years and his experiences have taught him the value of unwavering dedication and determination. Running 100 mile races through the mountains in sub-zero weather, managing multiple businesses and raising 5 children has given Shaun a unique view on what life can give you if you are willing to ask. If you want limitless motivation, drive and confidence, Shaun will provide the tools to make this and any goal a reality.

Shaun can offer a number of speaking solutions to suit the needs of any audience.

Options include:

1) Living On Purpose – A 3 hour interactive workshop style seminar created to equip individuals to make the choices that will ultimately move them towards their goals and to create a ‘Life by design, rather than by default’.
2) The Power of Decision – Shaun is a living example of what is possible if you cut yourself off from any chance of failure and DECIDE, not hope to achieve success. Shaun’s stories will inspire individuals to consider what they are capable of and give them a blueprint for becoming a stronger and more driven version of themselves.
3) Presentations on request – A presentation can be designed specifically to meet the needs of your group. Be it inspirational, educational, motivational or transformational, Shaun can provide an experience  that will have any crowd moved and empowered.
For more information or to obtain a quote for a presentation, please phone Shaun on 0413426939
or email