Random Acts Of Adventure

One of the reasons why running and trail running in particular is having such a huge growth right now, is because people are discovering that it is an incredibly accessible way to step outside the norm of their everyday existence.

The opportunity to push your body and mind and expose yourself to situations that present uncertainty and a feeling of risk can be very attractive and slightly addictive to the person with an overly comfortable life. Clearly that part of our DNA that craves adventure and danger has not yet faded away through lack of use. It is no wonder really that when we do get to do something a bit crazy that we feel so engaged and alive, and we want to do it again, and again.

This week a local Melbourne trail running identity by the name of Shane Hutton decided that rather than go to work on Wednesday morning, that he would drive to the bottom of a steep and nasty track and run up and down it until he had climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest.

The concept of “Everesting” started a little while ago within the cycling community where hard core road cyclists would ride repetitions up and down the side of hill or mountain until they had accumulated 8,848m of ascent. This would typically take the best part of a day (or more) and be incredibly difficult to achieve.

Well, with very little thought Shane rolled out of bed and started running. A little after 1am the next morning he finished with over 9000m of climbing (and descending) in his legs.

Word of Shane’s exploits had spread throughout the day and before long he had a growing group of people show up to join him on the trail.

It is heart-warming how one person’s individual endeavour can inspire others to bring the support and encourage more of the same.

Random acts of adventure don’t have to be as epic as Shane’s to have the desired result in our lives. There are opportunities all around us for experiencing life outside the bubble. All we have to do is look for things that challenge, stretch or even scare us, and then simply begin.


Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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