Attention All Runners!

Is Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain Or Just A Feeling Of Overall Weakness Getting In The Way Of You Enjoying Your Running? Maybe You Would Just Like To Learn How To Run More Efficiently With Less Chance Of Injury.

Shaun Brewster (EP, MST, RT, PT) Has Some Answers For You That Your Physio May Not Be Telling You

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  So Here Is What You Get


 The Runners Core Ebook (Value $47)

 An ebook in PDF format that will explain the importance of a strong stable core and why back pain generally occurs. We will show you all the exercises to do, how to do them and how mix and match them to create your own program so you don’t get bored with the same exercises each day.  

The Runners Core Video (Value $47)

A video format (MP4) of the ebook, where I take you through all the exercises step by step showing you the correct form so you know you are doing it right. After all, correct technique is the most important part of any exercise. Get them wrong and you may be causing more problems than you started with. I will ensure you get it right if you follow my simple instructions.

As An Added Bonus, If You Buy Now You Will Also Receive


The Brewsters Running “How To Run Video” (Value $17)

This short video explains the correct running method, how to prepare your body for it and why you should run this way. Many running injuries are actually caused by poor form, so if you can incorporate this with your core training, you will be well on your way to a much happier running career.

The Brewsters Running “10 Most Common Running Injuries And How To Spot Them” (Value $37)

If you can spot an injury in the early stages, your chances of a fast rehabilitation will increase dramatically. I take you through each injury explaining the early signs to look out for with a few tips on what to do to help.

Email Access To Shaun For Any Questions You Have Regarding The Program (Value $97)

If you have any questions on anything included in the program for the first three months, just email me and I will reply promptly to get you back on track. Your success really matters to me.

You will get Free Lifetime Updates (Value $97)

Unlike other programs you find on the internet today where they release version 2 or 3 a month or so after you but it,  and expect you to pay the price again in full, with Brewsters Running, you will always have the most up to date version available at no cost, ever. All your videos and ebooks will be updated automatically on the membership page so you have the most current information available.

 60 day Money back Guarantee

If you give this a really good go and are not happy with the results, just email me and I will refund you money, no questions asked as long as it is within the 60 day purchase period.


That’s over $300 worth of value for just $47. 

This is what Chris Wight, Australian Ultra Marathon Legend, says about the Runners Core

“As a competitive trail runner, a strong core is vital for enduring my high mileage training and ensuring that my running form doesn’t break down after hours of racing. The Runners Core Program provides a complete strengthening program to any level runner that should see them running stronger and faster.” In fact Chris was so happy with the program, he even offered to be a model for the front cover of the ebook! Chris Is The Course Record Holder For – Wilsons Promontory 60km (7hrs 48) 2010 Mount Macedon 50km (5hrs 18) 2011 You Yangs 50 Mile (7hrs 11) 2011 Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker 100km (9hrs 51) 2012 He has also competed in the Western States 100 (22hrs 09) 2009, won the prestigious Tasmanian Three Peaks Race (2011) , and 3rd place finisher (first non local) in the Kokoda Trail Ultra (96km)in Papua New Guinea 2012  


Recent Customer Brett Morrison Had This To Say About The Runners Core-

I’ve been running now consistently for about 18 months and I’ve always suffered from lower back pain. In fact the lower back pain that I had, really limited me to probably running about 5km at a time. I then got hold of Brewsters Running and their runners core program. I’ve stuck with that program and the exercises are simple, practical and easy to do. You can do them in your lounge room. Their fantastic. And since I’ve been following that program, I’ve been able to complete my first marathon. In fact in October this year, I completed my first marathon which is the Melbourne marathon and I was completely pain free in my lower back. The program is great, easy to use and I highly recommend it. Thank you.

So what are you waiting for, enter your details, hit the Order Now! button and for just $47 start reaping the benefits of having a stronger core today!


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The information contained in this eBook and its associated resources (video content) should not replace personalized medical or paramedical advice, especially if the user has a pre-existing medical or other condition which may be made worse by exercise. The author and producers recommend that any user of this information seeks appropriate medical guidance before beginning to undertake this program of exercise if there is any doubt regarding the suitability of the user’s current physical condition.
The author and producers of this material take no responsibility for any injury which may occur as a result of improper use of this information or through undertaking the prescribed exercises in an inappropriate manner. The author and produces would however like to take responsibility for any superhuman acts of strength or running ability which come about as a result of undertaking this program.