Stop Being A Stubborn Fool

There is one biological reason for running that can’t be argued, nor should it be ignored.


You know, those hormones that make us feel good either during or directly after a run. It’s those same hormones that drive us to get out of bed early in the morning, or take on bigger challenges than our brains might suggest to be a good idea.
It’s that runner’s high that is the reason why so many of us just have to run.
But what about when we can’t run? What about when there is injury, family interruptions, work related distractions, or any number of other things?
If I were a betting man I’d say that in situations like that, you probably get a bit grumpy. Perhaps a bit agitated or anxious. You can’t help it, right? You haven’t been able to get your run in, so it makes sense that you feel or act that way. Everyone should just know what you are going through and make allowances for you….
Or not.

As a Runner, it is very easy to get caught up in the Runner title. We identify with what it is to be a runner and how that makes us feel about ourselves. We begin to see running as the only way for us to FEEL and even BE ourselves. In actual fact, if we look at the driving force behind those feelings (the hormones), we can actually access them in other ways. Those ways may not tick all the boxes that running does for you, but rather than being a stubborn fool about it, perhaps we need to just DO SOMETHING instead of allow ourselves to feel less than satisfied.

“But I’m a Runner!” you say, “I run, that’s what I do”.
Well I’m here to tell you that sometimes life impacts your ability to run as much, as far, or where you want to. And instead of allowing yourself to be at the mercy of your hormonal system, how about you do whatever you CAN DO to get the job done?
You may not be able to get out for that hour long run before work, but you could go for a brisk walk at lunch time, or you could just smash yourself with several rounds of push ups before heading off for work. Those push ups will still kick start your body and leave you feeling a similar sense of chemical satisfaction.
You may not be able to get to a hill for your mid-week dose of vertical, but you could still hike up some stairs in your house until your quads start screaming, or just pick a crazy number and keep squatting until you hit it.
You may be injured and can’t run at all, but what about swimming, or cycling, or walking, or even just sit ups? What about chin-ups on the monkey bars at the park while your kids play? The list is endless.
Unless you’ve had your knee cut open and you are laid up in a hospital bed, I’d say you are fresh out of excuses. Even then, I’d probably tell you to borrow a wheel chair and cut laps around the ward until you wear the tread off the tires.

So if you are currently unable to run, or run the way you want to, stop making excuses, stop being a stubborn fool, and start moving those hormones however you can.


Run long,
Shaun Brewster.

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