Surviving the DIP

I bet you’ve been here before…

You get a great idea or you are struck with the thought of a new challenge. Instantly your mind is racing with the possibilities and the plans needed to make it happen. You are charged with enthusiasm and the effort required to get things moving comes easily. Gradually time passes and your goal is still there, but somehow it seems less urgent. You still want to achieve this thing but other things enter your focus and your enthusiasm drops.

This is the exact moment that will define your outcomes and your success.

This is the exact moment where 99% of people will make a choice that will prevent them from getting what they want.

It’s the DIP.

The DIP is where you can no longer rely on the excitement that comes from something new. It is where the reality of the work that needs to be maintained becomes sometimes painfully obvious. It is also the time that, if you are aware of it and expecting it, you can be prepared.

In my blog last week I spoke about the Power of Decision. Well, the DIP is where that Decision needs to be firmly cemented in your mind and you need to hold yourself to your word.

It is when you are in the DIP that you have to dig deep into your reserves of endurance and push on.

Probably the biggest problem with the DIP is that it is insidious. It sneaks up on you slowly and a lot of the time you don’t even realize you are in it.

As a runner, the DIP is perhaps your worst enemy.

When you set your sights on a particular running goal, the easiest part of reaching that goal is the start. If your goal is 12 months away, the first month or so of training is generally not too difficult to stick to. In fact, the last part where you can smell your target and the excitement of the big day is almost upon you is usually easy too; because you know you are close. It is the vast wilderness in the middle though, that is where the DIP can open up and swallow your dreams before you even realize. It is here that life begins to get in the way or the weather changes or the days get shorter or you get tired, or, or, or…

Ready for the cure?

The only answer for conquering the DIP is to feel the tiredness, feel the pain, feel the tedium, feel the discomfort and feel that part of you that can’t be bothered anymore and just DO IT ANYWAY.

You are a runner. Your ability to endure and outlast has carried you to places that a lot of people never get to see. Draw on that and remember that every time you get past that abyss in the middle, your body and your mind becomes that much more immune to it.

The grass IS greener on the other side of the DIP; so push on. It’s worth it.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.



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