The Best Laid Plans…

The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.

This holds so true for me at the moment. The last 8 months of training has been planned meticulously and have rarely missed a session. I have stayed injury free for the majority of that time, excluding a few minor niggles, but I managed to get 2 weeks out from 2 Bays, feeling fitter than I have in a long time, stronger than I have ever been (thanks to Bulletproof Legs) and confident of a good time for the 56k run.

That is until my last long run.

2 weeks out from an ultra, I always do my last long run which is usually around 3-3.5 hours. I use it as a kind of test to see where I am at and run at a pace that I expect to do the race in and taper off from there. Kind of a long light tempo run. What I didn’t plan on happening was my ankle flaring up. At first I felt great after finishing, but in the following few hours, my ankle started to tighten up, then hurt and eventually I was struggling to walk.

The biggest fear of any ultra runner.

I managed to book in an appointment with my medical advisor a few days later. A man by the name of Shaun Brewster, you may have heard of him. He gave me a good massage, stuck some needles in me and told me the prognosis. A minor sprain, possibly a grade 1 or mild grade 2. The first thing I asked was “Can I run 56k on it” with the answer of course being yes. I certainly hope he is right.

Saturday I ran a 1.5 hours through Greens Bush area without too much issue, except on the down hills which were a slight struggle. I think it is more a confidence thing there with me being afraid to push too hard on them.

So my plan to run a hard race may be out the window, or it may not. It all depends on how I feel on the day. If I can make it to the turn around in reasonable condition, I will go all the way. If the pain is too much, I may just call it quits and start to focus on this year’s main plan, finishing Buffalo Stampede in far better form than last year.

My original goal was to hit the turn around at Dromana in 2:40 and take 3hrs to return giving me a time of 5:40.

But here is where you lot come in. I want you to predict my finishing time, if I can push through to the end. Because I literally have no idea now as to what time I will do it in. The closest guess will win a copy of either the Bulletproof Legs Program or The Goat Program. If you have both programs already, we will sort something else out for you. Just be warned though, if I do pull out, all bets are off. I will only take guesses on finishing time and any posted after 9pm Saturday night will not be accepted.

To make a guess, head over to our Facebook page and leave your estimate in the comments section below the relevant post. Anything under 5:30, you are dreaming and anything over 8hrs will be taken as an insult. If it’s going to take me that long, I may as well pull out as that is the cutoff.

Happy guessing and wish me luck. I may just need it!

Run Well

Chris O’Driscoll

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