The Choices We Make

We all love to run. I think I can safely assume that as this page is dedicated to runners and after all, if you weren’t into running, then why would you be here? But many of us seem to think that just because we run and expend a lot of energy, it gives us a free pass to eat whatever we want. We can certainly get away with eating a higher quantity of foods, but I believe that we are less likely to get away with eating the low quality of foods that often comes with the culture if not in the short term, certainly in the long term.

High quality foods provide us with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need to function at a high level. Low quality foods such as deep fried chips, confectionary, donuts, bread and pasta may provide us with energy in the short term, but little else. This is where the problem begins. We get a big boost of energy but at a cost to our overall health.

Chronic disease is on the increase in a massive way and the link between chronic illness and poor food choices is hard to ignore. If we could feel what is going on in our bodies when we eat these low quality foods, we would never do it. Think of it like this –

We eat sugar, after all that’s what these foods are once they enter the body, and it creates a fire inside you. In your cells, arteries and organs. Small fires we can quite easily handle as many foods do cause them, but a small fire can be put out in minutes and as long as it’s not recurring, there’s no issue. Large fires, like the massive bushfires we get here in Australia are a different issue and when these fires are being lit multiple times a day, the body’s resources get stretched so thin that we struggle to handle them. This is a major contributor to chronic illness.

Who knows a runner that thinks that just because they’ve run a 5k, they can then justify going out and eating donuts, cakes, pasta and copious amounts of other highly processed carbohydrate foods mixed with highly processed oils. By processed oils, I mean any kind of vegetable oils, canola, soy oil, sunflower seeds oil etc. Really anything that needs chemical extraction, deodorizing, bleaching etc just to make it palatable. Along with the highly processed carbs/sugars, these are not foods that the human body can tolerate in high amounts and there is a price to pay for eating them.

So if you know a runner who regularly eats this way and is suffering from some form of chronic illness such as an autoimmunity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive issues or even any type of cancer, they may really need to rethink their food choices. I’m not saying that just eating right will cure these things, but it definitely won’t hurt and will certainly help prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

We may be awesome in the fact that we can run further than most of the population could ever imagine, but it doesn’t make us superhuman. I don’t know about you, but I’m in this for the long run and the choices I make will either help or hinder me from reaching that goal.

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