The Extra

You are a runner. We know that…

But what else do you do?

Do you also ride? Do you swim? Do you go to a gym? Do you do rhythmic gymnastics?

I’m guessing it is a “no” to the last one. But hey, if you are a rhythmic gymnast, I have big respect for your flexibility… Impressive stuff.

Ok, back on topic.

I want to know what else you do because it is often the ‘Extra’ bit that can make the difference between Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary performance.

Our bodies are amazingly complex machines and to get them working at their best we need to challenge those machines in the right way.

Let me give you some examples.

If an AFL footballer just worked on his marking and kicking skills and practiced running in short bursts, they would soon get left behind the rest of their team. They also need to work on their core strength so they don’t get tackled to the ground easily; they also need to spend time in the gym building their muscular strength so that they have the ability to tackle hard and also to avoid injury.

If a Boxer just worked on his punching ability and his agility, he would be able to land some punches and avoid getting hit, but he would not likely last beyond the first couple of rounds, because without the intense cardiovascular training that is required, his opponent would have him gasping for breath by the end of the second round.

This is the same for us runners.

We can spend hours each week logging the kms on the road or the trail and we will perform pretty well. However, to take your performance to the next level it takes some more specific training that incorporates all the requirements of great running.

The one thing that is often overlooked is explosive power.

Power is the difference between being able to hold your own as terrain gets steep or finding the ‘Kick’ you need in the surge for the finish line. It can mean being left behind when the stronger runners decide to make a push and it can be the one thing that will help you “float” over the technical trails where others falter.

Power training may seem out of place in some runner’s training programs, but without it you are doing yourself a great disservice by not building this critical component of great performance.

Typically you may only need one session of Power based training in your weekly training, especially if you are already including some faster speed based sessions or interval training.

There are hundreds of ways to train for Power, and finding one that suits the runner best can be a real challenge. This is why we created a program specifically for this purpose.

Check out Bulletproof Legs

Cross training can be a fantastic way to add new dimensions to your training and will also keep you interested and improving at a steady rate.

Try it out and be sure to let us how it works for you.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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