The Perfect Mash-Up

Creating the perfect training schedule is not just about getting the right number of miles in the bank, or meters of vertical, or % of load increase.
It’s also about finding that ideal mix of variability, particularly for trail runners, that challenges the body in the right ways.

Will you build your endurance by progressively running further each week? Yep.
Will you get faster if you consistently run speed based sessions each week? Yep.
Will you start to get bored with your training if you don’t mix it up? Also yep.

Mixing it up, with long runs, speed work, hill training, different surfaces, different climates, different times of the day, running with different people with different abilities, including strength training, working on your balance/stability, increasing your mobility/flexibility, experimenting with different fuel or hydration strategies, doing other sports, even just ensuring that you run in different locations regularly all contribute to you being a not only a more well rounded runner, but also a happier runner.

The perfect mash-up of training input is really the best way to get the most out of the work you put in.
Don’t know how to structure all that? That’s what experimenting is for.
Don’t trust yourself to make those decisions? That’s what coaches are for.
Either way, just remember to keep some variability in what you do. It will make the journey so much more interesting.

Run long,
Shaun Brewster.

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