The Running Secret

As dedicated runners, we are always on the search for that feeling… that profound sense of satisfaction or even the “high” that comes from a great run or race.
I believe the best and most reliable way to get there is by seeking out two specific factors in the type of running you do.

The first is going to sound very obvious, but nonetheless it is only part of what makes great running what it is.
That first factor is to do the type of running that makes you happy.
“Well der Shaun. Of course that is what we should do….”
But there is more to this than many may realise. For example, if your favourite running session is the Tuesday night track session at your local club, you have to work out if it is the track running, or is it actually the banter that comes with group training?
Another example is long trail running. Is it the feeling of physically pushing yourself over huge distances that makes you feel good, or is actually being in nature in the quiet. Lastly, you may believe that your favourite running is the faster and shorter stuff, so you make Park Run part of your routine. But is it the speed and shorter distance that lures you, or is it actually the intense mentally focused state that you get into that you enjoy the most.
You see, once you identify the true components of your most enjoyable running, you can engineer all sorts of opportunities to recreate those more easily and regularly.

The second factor for great running is to play to your strengths. By this I mean to find out what you are naturally good at or perhaps genetically or mentally biased towards.
It may be that you aren’t particularly fast and never have been, but you are pretty good at just cruising for long periods. It may be that you get bored easily and like to move quickly so a short sharp road race may be more your style.
Or maybe you have a bit of both speed and endurance and are particularly good at race strategy, so the half marathon could be your ideal spot.
When you are doing the kind of running that comes more natural to you, you are more likely to feel successful in the doing of it. And success breeds success.

By identifying the key factor(s) of your running that you enjoy most and then finding a way to do that while playing to your natural strengths, you can make magic happen.
Training becomes a joy, you naturally want to do more of it, and racing can start to produce results beyond what you thought was possible.

Could this be the secret to a lifetime of amazing running??

Give it a try.

Run long,
Shaun Brewster.

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