The Wave

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Are you chasing the big waves?

I know Brewsters Running is all about runners and running, but this runner was surfing today. Yep, I’m still on holidays and while in Hawaii, do as the Hawaiian’s do. I hired a board on Waikiki beach and paddled out to immerse myself in the real island culture. While floating on my board waiting for the next set to roll through, it dawned on me that the bigger and better waves were further out. Why wasn’t I out there with them? To get where they were, I would need to paddle a bit harder and a bit further and be willing to take a bigger hit. My whole philosophy on life is about going out to the big waves to see what I can do; so why did I find myself floating around in the comfortable and safe mediocre waves? Because it was comfortable and safe of course.

So I ask again, are you chasing the big waves?

Upon realizing the error of my ways, I headed further out and soon realized that the reward was worth the extra effort.

It got me thinking about how often in life I may have fallen into the “easy” option without even realizing it. How many challenges have I avoided, how many sunrises did I miss, how many short-cuts did I take and how many big waves did I let go?

From here on it, it’s big waves only.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.


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