What Are You Saying?

As an athlete (yes, you can call yourself that), there are many times that things will not go as planned for you. This is true in your running and in just about every other part of your life too. The important thing though, is how you set your sails when the wind changes direction.

Let me explain this further…

When you last got injured, did you think to yourself “Great, just what I needed. There go my plans for ___ race and all the training I put in!) OR, did you simply tell yourself that injuries happen and that if you stay positive and proactive, you could even benefit from the forced rest and a renewed focus on your body?

You see, the stories we tell ourselves when life kicks sand in our face can make all the difference in our experience of life itself.

To put this in practical terms; let’s say you sprained an ankle in the lead up to your first Ultra-Marathon. There are a number of different stories that you can tell yourself around how this experience COULD impact your life.

1)      Being injured may mean missing your planned race but having unexpected extra time to share with your family.

2)      Identifying this weakness in your ankle prior to the race itself, may mean that you can prevent that injury from occurring in the future and even make your ankles more capable of dealing with the terrain.

3)      The rehabilitation process and the exercises involved are your new training program. Throw yourself at them with the same dedication that you applied to your running.

4)      Missing your planned race may mean that you now have another 12 months before you get another go at your event of choice. Imagine what that could do for your drive and determination.

5)      If this isn’t your first injury, and you are beginning to wonder if you are in fact ever meant to complete your challenge – remember that there is only one person that can decide this. No sprained ankle could ever hold back someone that has committed themselves completely to their goal.

6)      The extra work that is now required of you, will simply make achieving your goal all that more sweet.

7)      A sprained ankle is not fatal. Smile – life goes on!

You can make up any story you like about why things happen to you, and because of this it is critically important that you are acutely aware of what thoughts you hold in your mind and what you let them do to you.

You are writing your book. Your training, racing and all the other bits that make up your life are the basic plot. It is how you choose to colour in the story that can make the difference between turning your story into a Drama or an Action Adventure!

Run long,


Shaun Brewster.


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