What Comes Next?

Warning – Today’s blog may or may not be about running.  I’ll see how I go.

In the last week, I have found myself coming to the end of an era in my professional life. For 13 years I put a lot of my energy, my time and myself into something that I have come to identify as being a big part of who I am.

In the space of a few short moments and via circumstances outside of my control, I had the project that I invested over a third of my life into, taken away.

So, when the world as you know it is turned upside down, it forces you to think.

My initial response was shock and confusion, then sadness, and now… now I’m not sure. But one thing I do know is that it has forced me to think hard about what really matters.

Some self-analysis is healthy and helps us to keep in touch with what drives us and what we value most. My self-analysis has shown me that I thought I had lost something very dear to me (and I have) but it has also shown me that the reason I held that thing so dear to me was because of what it meant I could give. I’ve also realized that I still have that opportunity to give and to create and to build, in other places and in other ways. I’m certain that I can contribute to my world in way that will fill the void from this chapter that has now ended.

While I’m saddened by the fact that a story has ended without me being the author of the final chapter, I’m also a little excited by what the next book may hold. I for one will be going into this new phase of my life with open eyes, ears and arms and will accept whatever possibilities and opportunities that come my way. Life has taught me that there are no certainties, except for the fact that life happens with or without you. So while you are here, make it matter.

Apologies for being a little cryptic with this blog.  I’m writing today as more of a brain purge than for any other reason. I hope you can get something from it, but if not, I hope you can be happy that I did.

Back to my original warning… I didn’t end up writing about running sorry. Or perhaps I did?


Run long,

Shaun Brewster.


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  1. Rika
    4 years ago

    What’s that saying about doors closing, new doors opening, being too busy watching the closed door to see the new open door….
    yeh seems like you have already walked through the new door 🙂
    All the best for wherever the new door leads.
    May you take with you the lessons the old door taught you, so that you can excel at the opportunities awaiting you.

  2. Shaun
    4 years ago

    Thanks Rika.
    Eyes, ears and arms…

  3. Scott Enfield
    4 years ago

    Thank you for opening your heart to us all. I learn from each blog. Appreciate it mate.! Scott

  4. Jaci
    4 years ago

    We think it’s different when we reach a fork in the road .. that we have a choice; but we forget that we also have choices when a brick wall is placed in front of us.
    All the best on the continuation of your journey, and thank you for sharing the lesson :o)

  5. Kate
    4 years ago

    Wherever life takes you I think there\’s another certainty, that you will always have much to offer the rest of us. I\’ve only known you for a short time but it\’s already obvious that you have made positive differences in people\’s lives. And I agree, perspective is a good thing, makes us healthier and more well-rounded. Good luck!

  6. Dean Cox
    4 years ago

    Thanks Shaun, for your admission. Although cryptic, it reminds me of my own mortality, expressed in a recent blog of mine (Dusty Boots), that once faced with some event, loss, illness that pulls one up short, we can either give in to it and buckle under or fight whatever it is (within reason and the bounds of medical science). An important component of that fight, I believe, is to re-evaluate ones personal goals. I set myself a 5-Step programme to deal with my problem:
    1. Figure out what I CAN do
    2. Figure out what I CAN’T do,
    3. Rest for as long as necessary,
    4. Recover for as long as necessary,
    5. Toughen Up Princess, and
    6. Get off my bum and get stuck into what I figured out in # 1.

    That Is All – Thanks again Shaun, Dean Cox

  7. Donna
    4 years ago

    Aren’t you cryptic in most blogs Coach? Why apologise now?! 😉
    I look forward to the next book, I think it will be very exciting.

  8. Toni Briggs
    4 years ago

    Mate your eyes ears an arms have always been open an always will be whatever you do I now as with everything in your life it will be a success

  9. Shaun Brewster
    4 years ago

    Thank you for your comments everyone.
    I\’ve been a little overwhelmed by the response I\’ve received on here and also through the flood of emails I\’ve received.
    If nothing else, it is great to see that people actually read my ramblings!

    Thanks once again.


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