What Is Sport?

Sport was created for warriors that don’t have a war.

 Every four years we celebrate the greatest sporting contest ever created – The Olympics. This was the original opportunity for nations to come together and do battle in the name of friendship and peace.

The human spirit clearly has a need to seek out challenges or endeavours that test its resolve and commitment, and it is from this that we are driven to partake in sport and competition. In feudal times this would have occurred on the battlefield and the winner took the land (and kept their lives!). Luckily now we have ample opportunity to explore that side of ourselves in far less fatal situations.

It is important for us to remember however that sport is not war and the real battle begins and ends within ourselves.

We are currently witnessing Australia winning less gold than we might have come to expect  at the Olympics and the response in the media has been disgraceful. Why are our sporting heroes made to feel like they have disappointed us by their performances? They have dedicated years of the life and sacrificed more than most of us could imagine, simply for the opportunity to represent their country. I bet their mothers and fathers aren’t disappointed by their performances regardless of a 4th place or a 40th place. These are Australia’s sons and daughters, and we should treat them as such.

I personally couldn’t think of a greater thing than representing my country. Obviously winning a medal would be fantastic, but let’s remember that point here… This is sport, not war. Providing the athletes give nothing less than 100% of themselves, they should be able to hold their heads up high. They are our modern day warriors after all.

Ok, enough ranting from me.

What is your battle field?

Do you have something in your life that allows you to express that inner warrior?

If you are a member of Brewsters Running, I’m guessing that thing is running. And what better way to do battle than on the road or the trail. Those battles can be as long or as short as you make them, but each and every time, you are given the opportunity to find and go beyond your perceived limitations.

If it has been a while since you really went to battle, throw on those running shoes and head out the door. You can experience victories of your own, every day…

Run Long

Shaun Brewster.

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