What Would You Pay?

In my line of work I’m regularly around people who have found themselves in situations where things aren’t looking good.

I’m not talking about the BIG stuff here, like famine, natural disasters or lost lives (although we all get exposed to the BIG stuff from time to time). What I’m talking about is the times that people feel as though they are losing the ability to do the things they love. Examples are people that believe their ongoing injury will stop them from getting back to their running forever. Or perhaps they’ve even been given a diagnosis by their Doctor and told to avoid running because it will only make them worse.

What I’m about to say will probably upset a few people, but the “helpless” attitude is one that doesn’t sit well with me.

Until you buried in a box, it isn’t hopeless.

Your body is amazing and it can heal just about anything.

Doctors get stuff wrong (a lot).

Science doesn’t have all the answers.

With a strong enough need, your body will find a way.

With a strong enough need, your mind will find a way.

If you don’t have the answer now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

If it looks like there is no solution, who are you to make that call?

If you give up now, you will always wonder – What if?

I’ve seen it happen too many times to count. When someone has just about given up on something and then with a slight change of focus, a subtle shift of direction or they try a new approach – And RESULT!

We’ve all heard stories about people who have been given a terminal diagnosis, or a “you’ll never be able to talk/walk/run/whatever again” and that person proves them wrong.

That person made a decision to pay the price to find out.

In most cases the price is just decision to NEVER stop. The good news is that decision will only ever end in one of two outcomes.

1. It works.

2. It doesn’t work, but you get to the end of your journey satisfied you did your best.

To me, anything else seems like a terrible waste.

Run long,

Shaun Brewster.

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