Winter Motivation

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost.

You can’t be blamed for not getting out and exercising in the cold, it’s miserable out there and you might get sick.

In Melbourne, where I live, currently it is mid winter and the days are short, freezing and wet. And we are all better off staying inside where it is warm and comfortable… Right?
If you are reading this and it is not sounding right to you, then you are one of the fortunate souls that have the urge to get more out of life… I’m with you!
Comfortable is BORING.
Comfortable brings NO rewards.
Comfortable is NOT the answer.
It is true that our perception of what is, becomes our reality. If we perceive the cold blustery weather to be the perfect conditions for strengthening our character, then it will be. If your training sometimes lacks excitement, go for a long night run in the worst weather you can find – instant adventure!
If this doesn’t sound too enticing for you, that’s OK. Stay inside this winter. Put your slippers on and watch some TV. When you are 85 years old and look back on your life, I’m sure you will take comfort in the fact that you took the road more traveled, the path of least resistance.
Or will you?

Shaun Brewster

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