Your High Performance Anchor

Ever had one of those experiences where everything just works???

You know, that moment when you are in the groove and no effort is required for you to simply be at your best.  You might have been in the midst of a high pressure competition and your every move was perfect and resulted in your team winning. You may have been on a long run and found yourself in a state of absolute bliss with a feeling of endless energy. Perhaps you were giving a presentation at work and every word that came out of your mouth was gold and you absolutely nailed it.

Felt good didn’t it…?

Well, there is a way to reproduce that feeling at will and it is a skill that you can learn quickly.

This skill, this ability to switch on your ‘Mojo’ is called Anchoring. This is a technique that Sports Psychologists have been using for a long time now, but one that most of us would never have tried.

Here is how it works – Picture that moment in time when you were at your best. The example might be the moment you crossed the finish line of your first Marathon. Shut your eyes and picture the scene in great detail, picture the crowd, the weather conditions, the finish line and the feeling you experienced in that moment. Build that feeling in your mind stronger and stronger. Amplify it as much as you can so that it is as real and as powerful as you can make it. When you can literally feel that energy and that sense of achievement as though it is happening right then and there, you then need to create the Anchor. The Anchor can be anything; it may be a slap of your chest with your hand or a tug on your ear lobe. Once you have done that, open your eyes and relax.

Now you need to repeat that process, close your eyes, picture that moment of great success or connection and again build that sensation along with the emotion that you felt at that time. Build it, build it and then again trigger the anchor (slap the chest, tug the ear lobe, whatever you choose). Open your eyes and again relax. Repeat this process a number of times in succession each day until you can shut your eyes and trigger that anchor instantly. The result will be an ability to tap into your peak state at will.

This is an invaluable skill and can allow you to perform at your greatest potential whenever you need to.

With this ability, there is no longer any need to fear public speaking, missing that goal or not achieving your best possible result every single time.


Shaun Brewster

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