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Ok, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant today…

“Wow! Look at that person. They are incredible. I can’t believe they were able to achieve that. Imagine how hard that must have been for them. I wish I could be more like that… Some people have just got what it takes”.

“Wow! Look at that person. They are incredible. It is awesome that they were able to achieve that. It shows what hard work can bring. I know I can be like them. I have what it takes”.

Same situation but two different inner monologues.

We are surrounded by countless inspiring people and stories that have the power to teach us so much about our own potential, but the true value is not in what that other person has done, but in what we take from their story.

I like to read biographies by people who have done amazing things with their lives. These books remind me that anyone can achieve incredible things with enough focus and determination. I used to find myself swept up by these stories and I’d end up wanting to take on whatever kind of challenge that the person in book had completed. Kayaking, hiking, sailing, etc. Now I prefer to focus on the person’s psychology. What was it that made it possible for them to achieve their goal? What did they have that made them different?

The beauty of this focus is that you can draw inspiration from just about anything and apply it to your own desires and goals.

The best way to live a truly inspired life it to treat each day like it is a chapter of your autobiography. You are writing the story. What can you do today that will make your story great? You don’t need to climb a massive cliff face or swim across an ocean, but you can do your best to get to the end of each day feeling like you sucked every bit of value out of it and gave back just as much.

If you have children, I believe it is absolutely essential that you set an example of adventure, mental and physical fortitude and self exploration for your kids. The first thing in their lives that they will look to for direction, guidance and inspiration is you. What story do you want to tell them? Will they look back on their childhood and remember playing computer games or watching movies in their bedroom, or will they remember playing in rain with their mum or dad, or sharing with you the view from the top of a mountain?

The scary thing is that whatever picture of a life well lived you paint for them; they will most likely paint a similar picture for their children.

Even if you don’t have kids, you will still be judged by your actions. We all are. Nobody can tell what we are thinking, but they can see what we are doing. If the actions we take are the product of our thoughts, then to be able to live an inspired life, we must manage and direct our thoughts so that they lead us towards great things. So, focus on what you want. Disregard fears, insecurities and doubt. They will only lead you to more of the same.

If we all sought to be that inspiring person that we read or hear about, imagine the world we could create for ourselves. Imagine the fun, adventure and fulfillment that we would experience.

What can you do today, that will inspire?


Run long,

Shaun Brewster.




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